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Strategic and Organisational Analysis of Li Ning Co. Ltd. The WritePass Journal

Key and Organizational Analysis of Li Ning Co. Ltd. Presentation Key and Organizational Analysis of Li Ning Co. Ltd. Introduction1. Look at the issues related with Li Ning attempting to turn into a worldwide brand. From an advertising viewpoint, what do you think Li Ning ought to do to address those challenges?1.1 The opposition with neighborhood and worldwide adversaries in household market1.2 Country of birthplace (COO) impacts and the brand image1.3 The item portfolio and RD 1.4 Price decision1.5 International marketing1.6 Distribution agreements1.7 Culture measurements  2. Thinking about the current phase of the internationalization of the organization, for a market of your decision, build up an outside market section strategy.2.1 The decision measures for the market chosen2.2 The examination of market passage system 2.3â Key promoting blend exercises for starting passage to the US marketReferencesRelated Presentation Li Ning Co. Ltd., one of China’s driving games attire producers was established from a privately-run company by the notable Olympic vaulting gold medallist, Li Ning (Meuer and DiVito, 2010). With the notoriety of its organizer, the augmentation of its item go, some compelling sponsorships and the achievement of entering second-and third-level urban areas in the Chinese market, Li Ning has picked up the ubiquity and high brand mindfulness in China, additionally a high piece of the overall industry. In any case, when the universal organizations started to esteem and focus at the developing Chinese sportswear advertise, Li Ning bit by bit confronted an escalated rivalry from global firm like Nike and Adidas in Chinese market, just as from hardly any nearby opponents as far as the cost, for example, Anta and Peak. Li Ning firm has put forth some internationalization attempts lately like fare exercises, assembling its RD focuses abroad and different endeavors, however it remains ov erwhelmingly China engaged and all the activities plan to build up a worldwide brand in Chinese consumers’ eyes. Furthermore, those internationalization endeavors didn't bring any extensive income. The reason for this paper is to sum up the difficulties which Li Ning may look during the time spent setting up its worldwide brands and set forward the practical global brand methodology and the outside market passage technique by alluding to certain hypotheses of universal promoting. The paper continues first by talking about certain issues related with Li Ning attempting to be a worldwide brand separately and balanced proposals will be raised during the conversation. Second, the recommendation about the market decision and a remote market passage technique will be outlined as far as three angles: the decision measures for the section showcase, the choice of passage mode and some key advertising correspondence methodologies. 1. Inspect the issues related with Li Ning attempting to turn into a worldwide brand. From a promoting point of view, what do you think Li Ning ought to do to address those difficulties? Confronting the savage rivalry from worldwide and neighborhood equals, the organization agrees to assemble its universal system and its worldwide image separated from securing the local market. In any case, Li Ning needs to consider some expected issues during the time spent internationalization and seven related contemplations will be shown in this part. 1.1 The opposition with nearby and global adversaries in household showcase It tends to be seen that some notable global brand, for example, Nike and Adidas have generally high market income in Chinese sportswear industry, just as Li Ning and Anta, two top residential brands (reference section 1). To the extent Li Ning concerned, how to square worldwide brands and furthermore effectively hold the neighborhood showcase is one of the key focuses to turn into a worldwide brand. Taking a gander at the whole Chinese market, Li Ning positions itself as a serious opponent in giving value quality deals item and enters various degrees of Chinese markets through its broad system of merchants, sub-wholesalers and retail locations, particularly in second-and third-level urban communities where about 76% of Li Ning’s stores are found (Meuer and DiVito, 2010). In any case, incidentally driving position might be debilitated when worldwide brands step by step move their concentration to less created districts in China where salaries are rising and consumers’ b rand loyalties and shopping inclinations have not been built up (Burkitt, 2010). With respect to worldwide sportswear advertisers, Nike and Adidas have both focused on China as their second biggest market on the planet and put a great deal of endeavors in first-level urban areas of China, such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. They set up their own retail channels like lead stores or brand focuses separately in Beijing to make solid brand and retail experience (Meuer and DiVito, 2010). With higher brand situating and name acknowledgment, universal brands are progressively successful in catching piece of the overall industry in significant urban communities where Li Ning has not paid more considerations. So as to turn into a worldwide brand, Li Ning understands that more accentuation ought to be put available of top-level urban communities, yet actually Li Ning may need to utilize lower costs to recognize its image in this solid rivalry with global firms (Burkitt, 2010). Along these lines, Li Ning needs to reevaluate its image situating both in neighborhood and universal markets instead of just depend on value quality deals and use promoting correspondences to support its image mindfulness which will be talked about in the later section. 1.2 Country of inception (COO) impacts and the brand picture According to most Chinese purchasers, Li Ning’s brand personality is constantly connected with its originator, a national game saint, so it is simpler for Chinese shoppers to comprehend and perceive Li Ning’s logo structure, ‘flying warning and initials of its founder’. Mulling over shopper ethnocentrism, local buyers may have increasingly ideal perspectives to this brand on account of the company’s history and culture. ‘Consumer ethnocentrism’ which was presented by Shimp and Sharma (1987), alludes to the customer inclines toward local products because of solid nationalistic convictions and emotions. As the CEO of Li Ning Co. stated, ‘we need individuals to take a gander at our image and feel pleased that they are a piece of something-glad for China’s growth’ (Burkitt, 2010). Moreover, with the likely development and significance of more youthful sections, Li ning has moved its sight towards them However, utilizing p urchaser ethnocentrism to influence the buy choice of youthful urban Chinese may not work, in light of the fact that Javalgi and White (2002, p. 568) summed up that ‘younger, better-taught and high-pay shoppers appear to be less ethnocentrism to remote merchandise and services’, just as individuals who are progressively open to outside societies. In addition, nation of starting point (COO) additionally negatively affects item and brand assessment among youthful Chinese purchasers. Numerous Chinese youthful customers, particularly youngsters, are excited about the American culture and other western societies, for example, opportunity, hazardous soul and character, so they are bound to pick a worldwide brand which began from western nations. While according to worldwide purchasers, it is difficult for them to make any reverberation with Li Ning without related social foundation, and they may see its logo as being comparative or a duplicate of Nike swoosh. Additionally, think about the impact of COO, global shoppers will utilize COO signals when they meet the new brand and the inclination against items for the most part from creating nations, so some nation picture generalizations, for example, low cost or low quality may hurt Li Ning’s brand picture. Subsequently, so as to debilitate the negative COO discernment, Li Ning ought to adjust the purchaser demeanor towards the item and brand through showcasing correspondence and give its image a one of a kind character. Considering Nike and Adidas, the two of them have their one of a kind worldwide characters which are made and saved by assortment interchanges, for example, promoting, VIP support and showcasing efforts. Hence, there is as yet a major hole between Li Nin g and worldwide brands as far as brand mindfulness and brand picture. So as to pull in the more youthful age around the world, Li Ning need to discover and assemble its novel image picture through overhaul a progressively separated brand logo and trademark, fortify the item range and plan, and furthermore make more focused on advertising efforts. 1.3 The item portfolio and RD Sportswear can be partitioned into the accompanying classes: proficient sportswear, easygoing sportswear and style sportswear (Euromonitor International, 2007) and there are a few covers among these gatherings. In view of the measurement from Euromonitor International (appendix2), it is indicated that style sportswear, which is the cross breed of easygoing sportswear and design wear, is developing more quickly than other sportswear sections in China showcase, so the organization which can quickly find this expected interest and dispatch the new items will separate itself from rivals. Nike and Adidas have encountered considerable development after they presented design sportswear arrangement, but then, in this fragment Li Ning has deserted other worldwide brands’ steps. Additionally, the worldwide tennis shoe organization has likewise grown new advances which would be acquainted into top of the line item with separate its image since universal customers accept that worldwide br ands typically grow new items and advances quicker than rivals (Holt et al., 2004, for example, the Nike Air max 360 (highlights a foamless mid-underside innovation), the Adidas 1 (incorporates a chip technology)( got to 22 April 2011). To put it plainly, there is as yet far to go for Li Ning to find those worldwide brands in new item advancement and the scope of item

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Heroes in English Literature

Saints in English Literature Saints in English writing comprise a larger part of the medieval times accounts. In epic plays, sonnets and stories, saints were characterized as being benevolent people who purposely and boldly took a chance with their lives for a legitimized cause.Advertising We will compose a custom paper test on Heroes in English Literature explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More They are said to beat hazardous and perilous snags to support others. In the medieval times, there is an assortment of exacting content that delineates saints. These incorporate epic saints like Beowulf, sentimental or chivalric legends like Lanval and Lord Gawain and the green Knights (Kline 27). This medieval times story will frame the premise of this paper in indicating the examination of these legends. At that point what characteristics were considered to portray these saints in the medieval times? From the previously mentioned epic saints, we find that the part of bravery is separated for the most par t to suit the time in which they were composed and furthermore to meet the desire for the crowd and inclination at that point. In Beowulf, we find that gallantry was portrayed by being valiant and courageous. This is shown by Beowulf who makes a trip far and wide to demonstrate his quality. From the story, it is clear that the network which was the Danes of Denmark and the Geats who comprised Beowulfs own kin esteemed physical quality as a property, yet in addition the part of being benevolent for more noteworthy's benefit. This is exhibited when ruler Hrothgar of the Danes extraordinary corridor called Heorot is assaulted by an evil presence called Grendel and executes a large portion of the rulers men. It is judicious to specify at this point Beowulf being an epic sonnet begins at the Medias res. So we learn through portrayal of lord Hrothgar to Beowulf that Grendel has been assaulting the town and murdering the individuals (Heaney 56). Beowulf is portrayed as a legend due to his capacity to vanquish Grendel without being equipped. As indicated by the story, Beowulf cuts off Grendel’s arm. Being mortally injured, Grendel retreats to his acquire to pass on, yet this isn't the finish of ruler Hrothgar tribulations as Grandel’s mother vindicates her son’s demise by murdering lord Hrothgar dear companion Aeschere, Beowulf vows to retaliate for Aeschere demise and follows Grendel mother in the marshes and executes her by her own blade, gallantry for this situation is portrayed by the capacity of the legend or heroin to vanquish excessively regular evil spirits, its a matter of mortal being sections dinner normal beings.Advertising Looking for paper on english writing? We should check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More According to certain experts, epic accounts were intended to portray a man as being in charge of his destiny and that his predetermination was not foreordained by the extraordinary creatures . Toward the finish of the story we see Beowulf battling a winged serpent that had desolated his realm and, despite the fact that this is fifty years in the wake of executing Grendel’s mother and himself being old, he despite everything needs to demonstrate his capacity. Along these lines, he pursues the monster and despite the fact that he administrators to slaughter it, it is at his own end since he right away surrenders to death. In Beowulf’s case, a saint is the person who gives his life for other to live. Despite the fact that Beowulf structures what we may allude to as customary type of epic sonnets, Marie de France in Lanval acquaints us with an alternate perspectives as far as how legends were seen customarily. Typically, saints were men who should spare the ladies at all expense even to their own risk, yet in Lanval, it is the direct inverse where the lady spares the man. The explanation given for this intense change from male focused sagas that delineated guy s as being legends and females being lowlifess is the way that Marie de France lived in the period of Eleanor of Aquitaine who herself cherished plays that ladies assumed significant jobs. In Lanval, the story is about a knight called Lanval who sits at ruler Authors table and is ignored by King Author and rest of the lords official, feeling discouraged for having nothing and above all land (Marie De France 1-2). He rides of to the wide open to clear his head. Marie de France receives the pixie paramour theme that is generally utilized in Celtic stories, where a delightful woman originates from a different universe and becomes hopelessly enamored with the man, yet there is a trick, the man ought to never uncover their affection. In the event that the man breaks the settlement, at that point he is rebuffed by the pixie woman by pulling back her affection. Lavals case isn't so unique, however valor is portrayed by the ideals of affection as opposed to physical quality similar to the c ase in Beowulf. At the hour of this composition, the general public appeared to maintain reality and no meander when Lanval stood denounced at the court by Guinevere, lord Authors spouse who needs to have an unsanctioned romance with Lanval, when Laval won't participate in such a demonstration Guinevere blames him for being a gay, yet Laval adheres to his choice saying that he can't deceive ruler Arthur. Lanval is compelled to admit his affection to the pixie woman. He is advised to demonstrate that he has a darling or, in all likelihood be ousted knowing very well that he had broken his reality to her pixie woman. He realizes that she would not turn up thus gets ready to be ousted, however out of the blues, she shows up before the court and admits her adoration for Lanval. The story finishes in both Lanval and her pixie woman freeing towards the sunset.Advertising We will compose a custom paper test on Heroes in English Literature explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn M ore Marie de France takes epic sonnets to the following level where legends languishes over making the best choice this is run of the mill of Shakespearian catastrophe where making the best decision is the reason for a saint going wrong to grass, yet not at all like Shakespeares disaster that comes full circle feeling dismal with the destruction of the legend, Marie de France comes full circle Lanval on a cheerful closure, where equity is served. Bravery in this angle is portrayed by excellence of adoration, trustworthiness and equity instead of fights and physical quality of a person. As referenced before, Marie de France performed for Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II of England, by the temperance that they were imperial the sonnets must be custom-made to show fortitude in excellencies and goals as opposed to wars and fights, which at the time were seen to be boorish and not befitting honorability In sir Gawain and the Green Knight, heroisms is additionally delineated as an ideals instead of physical quality. The primary hero in the story, Sir Gawain who is the nephew of King Arthur and the most youthful Knight acknowledges a demand from the Green Knight who rides to Camelot on the New Years Day. As indicated by Weston, (50), the test is for anybody to hit the Green Knight with his own arks and that the green knight will restore the blow one year and one day after. Sir Gawain doesnt simply strike the green knight, however cuts off his head on one strike, yet the green knight gets his head and reminds Gawain to meet him one year later at Green Chappell. Bravery in sir Gawain and the Green Knight, is exhibited by the way that sir Gawain praises his statement and after a year rides to green Chappell to get his duty, additionally the part of loyalty and karma of ravenousness is portrayed in the story as being demonstrations of chivalry, during the long excursion and near the very edge of starvation, Sir Gawain experiences a wonderful palace and is facilitated by ruler Bertilak de Hautdesert and his delightful spouse, sir Gawain illuminates them regarding the job needing to be done to meet the green knight, yet Bertilak educates Gawain that the Green house of prayer is just a mile away and that he ought to be Lord Bertilak visitor. Meanwhile each time Lord Bertilak went chasing woman Bertilak would attempt to allure Gawain this continued for quite a long time, however Gawain would not yield, in the long run she hands Gawain a green support. Gawain goes to meet the green knight at the house of prayer and discovers him pausing, Gawain twists and trusts that the Green Knight will strike him, yet because of dread, he winces and Green Knight just makes an imprint on Gawains neck on the third strike and uncovers himself as Lord Bertilak de Hautdesert (Weston 56). Gawain is a saint in light of excellencies and not his quality, the capacity to adhere to his promise and be dedicated to ruler Bertilak de Hautdesert spares him and comes back to Camelo t as a legend. Heaney, Seamus. Beowulf: another section interpretation. Republish, New York: Norton Co., 2001. Print.Advertising Searching for article on english writing? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Find out More Kline, T. Daniel. The medieval British writing handbook: Literature and social handbook. New York: Continuum International Publishing Group, 2009. Print. Marie, De France and Gallagher, Edward. The Lays of Marie de France. Upper Saddle River: Hackett Publishing, 2010. Print. Weston, Jessie Laidlay. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: Dover Books on Literature Drama. New York: Courier Dover Publications, 2003. Print

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Parent Interview Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Parent Interview - Essay Example Joe is marked as having mental imbalance; anyway he is likewise taking prescription for consideration shortfall hyperactivity issue (for example ADHD). Right now, Joe is going to Harrison Elementary School in Livingston, Virginia. This school has grades from kindergarten through 6th grade and in situated in a white collar class territory. Joe is in a mental imbalance independent class, and his colleagues extend in instructive levels from third through 6th grade. Joe is in the fourth grade. He has been setting off to this school for a long time and has been in a similar mental imbalance program with three of his cohorts for the entirety of this time. Joe is notable and enjoyed around the school since he is chatty and social. He additionally lives in a white collar class neighborhood close to his school. Joe is an extremely keen kid, yet he is viewed as lower working since his grades place him underneath grade level. Joe doesn't take the standard of learning tests (for example SOL); anyway he qualifies to take the Virginia Alternative Assessment Program test (for example VAAP). In school he participates when all is said in done instru ction exercises, for example, workmanship, physical training, and music. Likewise, he additionally has his scholarly work that is done in the general training study hall and his class. At this period in time, Joe has an Individual Education Program (for example IEP) in which he has a few objectives that he is chipping away at, other than his general training exercises and educational plan. His individual objectives are in the zones of correspondence, fine engine/composing undertakings, study hall conduct, math, language expressions and perusing. Joe communicates socially with his friends and educators. He reacts to questions eagerly, takes an interest in all initiates and has a normal estimated jargon. Nonetheless, he jumps at the chance to utilize words that start with the letter s, which some of the time hinders correspondence. Joe’s objectives incorporate

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The Great Man Perspective Business Essay - Free Essay Example

What are your personal goals for this course.   Can you identify any well-known leaders who have achieved these goals already? What do you hope to get out of this course?   Are your personal goals in-line with the course goals as described?   What will you put into the course in order to achieve your personal goals? Examine the newspaper , tv or internet. Identify at least one example of the Great Man perspective on leadership in action? Do the images you find stress a single individual as a hero or saviour? Any women? Any of other ethnic groups? My personal goal for this course is to learn how to become a great leader. What qualities to have as a great leader and how I can be a leader by having these special qualities. One of the well known leaders is Gandhi. He was the leader of the Indian nationalist movement against British rule. He led the Indian people and negotiated with the English. He was very religion person. Gandhi had all the good qualities a good leader should have with him. He was the pre- eminent political and spiritual leader of India during the Indian independence movement and also he helped India to gain independence, and inspired movements for civil rights and cross the world. My personal goals are in line with my course goals as described. I will have to do a lot of hardwork in order to achieve my personal goals. One example i could identify of a Great Man perspective on leadership in action is Nelson Mandela. He fought for equal rights and brought equality in his country. So he can be regarded as a hero. He went to prison for his fight for equal rights. Blog 4 Blog 5 5. Today we looked at the power of a written Personal Development Plan. List five goals and five k ey skills that you would like to develop over the course of this trimester. Why are these ten things important to you? How do these goals and skills relate to your current leadership abilities? Five goals that i would like to develop over the course of this trimester are: Goal 1: Improve my Communication Skills Goal 2: To get B+ grades in all my units Goal 3: Achieve my Diploma in Management by the end of the year Goal 4: Apply for work Permit Goal 5: Get a job relating to my Diploma on my open work permit Five key skills that i would like to develop over the course of this trimester are: Speaking/Talking, 2. Active listening, 3. Critical thinking, 4. Problem solving and 5. Decision making These ten things are very important to me in my career and in my life. I would like to achieve all my five goals to become a great leader and become a good manager of some organization. To become this I have to have those key skills. Speaking/Talking is very imp ortant to convey information effectively. How Active listening has a major impact on your leadership and can help in obtain information, understand and learn. Critical Thinking is using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems. Making decisions in our daily lives and in the workplace can be one of the most overlooked processes. Blog 7 Good leaders are made not born. Anyone can be a leader to a certain extent. Leadership can be easy taught. Leadership skills are like organising,   mobilizing and utilizing strategies and resources can be easy to adopt by anyone. If you have the desire and will power, you can become an effective leader. Good leaders are made and they develop through a never ending process of self-study, education, training, and experience. To inspire your workers into higher levels of team work. There are certain thing you must know and do these types of things come natural ly, but are acquired through continual hard work and study. Made leaders they do lot of hard work to improve on their leadership skills, they also familiar with the changing environment. They are not resting on their laurels. To make my argument valid, for example if a baby prince was to be king when he grow up by based only on his royalty and if the prince was not educated more than an average person, will he prove to be a good   leader? No he wont be a good leader of his country. Most people may say that born leaders are accurate they may say this because they think they are born with leadership qualities. These people may have no knowledge of leadership in this changing world. I am not 100 % happy with my abilities right now, but I am working towards developing my skills and I am sure that I can do it , if I input a lot of hard work. I know this   leader Hitler who was not that famous for his success but he develops his greatness for fighting and sacrifi cing his life for his country. Blog 8 Discuss the leadership concepts and ideologies that you were able to identify in the two movies that you had chosen and viewed over the weekend. What are some similarities and differences that you find between the leaders you have identified in the movies and yourself? Identify one leader you liked/ disliked from each movie. What leadership concepts covered in class can you identify in this leader? Are there any qualities/ concepts that youve identified which youd like to develop in yourself? Specify. For movie remember the titans the two coaches work together as team to help encourage the players to play as a team and stop the racism.   They helped both white and black players to become friends and played as one which helped them to reach the finals and win.   Both coaches showed good communication and leadership skills and break through the differences  within team and the whole tow n.  The two movies which I have viewed are Remember the Titans and Lagaan. The leader i liked most was Amir Khan in lagaan.   He had a great leadership skills and have motivate his team till the end of the game.   He worked towards sucess through hardwork and believed within him all the way.   His leadership encourge me to increase my skills in leadership and communication.   Always believe myself and have can do attitude and never lose hope even in hard times. The leaders in Remember the Titans were Coach Boone and Coach Yoast. The two coaches work together as team to help encourage the players to play as a team and stop the racism.   They helped both white and black players to become friends and played as one which helped them to reach the finals and win. Coach Boone used dictative leadership and Coach Yoast used democratic leadership styles.. There are some similarities and differences between the leaders in the movie and me. Like Coach Yoast, I wi ll meet people personally and discuss with them if I have any problem with them rather than confronting them in front of other employees. In Remember the Titans I liked Coach Yoast. I liked the way he handled each difficult situation with ease. I also learnt that keeping ones cool is very important in leadership. Being a leader in one thing, being a good leader is another. Blog 9 Today you presented, formally, to the class for your assessment. How have you developed as a presenter from Week 5? Self-evaluate your presentation and score yourself a mark out of the possible 10. What were your strengths and/or weaknesses as a presenter? Is there anything that you would do differently if you are given a chance to re-present? What and why? Reflecting back on the leader you identified in Week 5: Have you been able to develop any of the qualities you identified in yourself? Today i presented formally to the class for my assessment. If i compare my pre sentation from week 5 then i guess i have improved my communication skills abit. I was able to maintain eye contact throughout my presentation. If self-evaluating my presentation, i would possibly mark myself 6 out of 10. For my presentation, i had well research and gain knowledge of the topic i was gonna present on so that im able to keep control and attention of the audience. Only thing i was lacking in was confidence. I really got nervous while presenting. If im given another chance then id do lots of practice before presenting. There is a saying practice makes you perfect, so by practicing, i might be able to overcome the nervous thing i always come up with and will help me become a good presenter. In week 5 i identified about Abraham Lincoln. He was a hard working and determined person; above all he was excellent in speaking speeches and quotes. Due to his speeches and determination he was a great leader. I have become determined and a hard worker but m still not so good in pre sentation and working upon it to become a successful presenter. Blog 10 In class today we learned about leaders in small businesses and large organizations and also about leaders of profit organizations and non-profit organizations. Small private businesses look at leadership as being either authoritarian, participative or laizzez faire. In small private business the vision and change is higher compared to large public business. Small businesses are always different from large public businesses in terms of access to resources, financial, technological and human. In large public businesses there is positive attitude to risk and change including leaders tolerate mistakes, creates change, willing to take risks, not afraid of challenges and learn from mistakes whereas in small private businesses the leader also advocate change and learns from mistakes. For profit organisations the leader will plan, organise and control the business to make profits. Non-profit leaders are usually d ependent on donations. In contrast with the for-profit sector, non-profit leaders usually achieve more if they work collaboratively with other interested parties. I wanna be a democratic leader. Make sure about the working environment for my employees are in good condition. Employees view will be taken in decision making. I will also make sure that the customers have excellent service. Also will have rewards and benefits for employees hardwork. All my customer service reps will go through customer service training. All these will only happen if I become a leader and I make sure that I work hard to achieve that Blog 11 The two movies which I have seen are Taare Zameen Par and Singham. The main character in taare zameen par were amir khan and ishaan. Amir Khan is the teacher to the school at which Ishaan is schooling. Ishaan had dyslexia and other students hardly interacting with him. He took out tome to be with Ishaan and found out that though Ishaan was not good in studies, bu t he was good in other activities like art. Amir helped Ishaan in his studies. Ishaan proved to be a very brilliant student towards the end. Amir was very much appreciated for being such a brilliant leader. In Singham the main character is Baji Rao Singham. He is against corruption. His main aim is to catch this bad man who has been avoiding the police for some time. Singham is able to avoid catch the bad man through his dedication and cleverness. He had his whole police force support with him. Leaders should be such who has the support and trust of its team with them. I want to have the trust and support of my society with me when I become a leader. I will make sure that I always consider them in all the decision which I make. Blog 12 Before the class my view was that with leadership comes power. Some leaders misuse the power and some do not. Misuse is when leaders use power for their own good. Some leaders with the use of power influence others in a positive way. Leaders use powers in the sense that they know that what they say will be done by the employees without any questions. Leaders in power see themselves the most superior of them all. This at times leads to them using power negatively. Negative leader makes people do some work which they do not want to. For example some leaders make employees do their personal things like picking the children from school. Though the employees see this as wrong, they cannot say no because they have the fear of being fired from work. All of my view about leaders and power was reflected in our leadership class this week. Leadership and power go together. For some leaders power comes with leadership and for some leadership leads to power. An unsuccessful leader whom I have come across is Laisenia Qarase, former Prime Minister of Fiji. He was a very biased leader. Almost all his decision was mostly in favor Fijians. The other races like Indians were left out. Even some of the Fijians felt that Qarase was being biased towards the Indians and other races. His leadership soon came to an end when the military took over his government. Leaders should not misuse their power as this will lead to their downfall. All leaders should have Democratic Leadership style. Blog 13 In this course we have to form a group in one of the units. We had a 3 member group. The person we chose as our leader was really good as she is someone whom we can trust to do well in our project assement. We selected couple of topics to work on and then the leader made sure that everyones approval for on a topic. Delegation work in a team is very important. Our leader delegated work to each and every one depending on our capability and knowledge. Everything was going well as evry step we take advice from lectures. We finished the project without any problems. In class today we learnt about how to be an effective leader. Some of the qualities of an effective leader is being with the time, meeting dead line on time, patience, tr ust, and etc. I lack in meeting deadlines. I am always helping others. This makes me lack behind in my work. I will learn how to manage my time well so that I can do both at once. I love helping others as there is a saying what goes around comes around ae so later on when il be needing help then their might turn up to help me. Blog 14 Throughout this course we have been looking at many leaders. Some leaders were fiction and some non-fiction. The most surprising thing I found out was that there were some leaders whom I never knew or heard about but yet they were great leaders of their time. The leader who stayed in my mind was Mohandas Gandhi. He is known as successful leader worldwide. Mohandas Gandhi had all the good qualities a great leader should have. He was a political leader of India and also a spiritual leader during the Indian independence movement. He helped India to get independence through his causes. He used non violence to achieve his goals. As a group leader, I have become more confident in my leadership style because of the way we finished our project without any difficulty. This boosted my self-confidence and motivated me to do better next time. What I want to learn more is how a real leader thinks in a difficult situation e.g. New York Mayor, Giulani.. During the twin tower crisis, Guilani stepped down from his high post and helped the people on the ground who needed him. He helped them get back to their feet. He also guided the whole of New York City through the difficult time. It would have been great if I could talk to some leaders to learn from them what all they learned after becoming a leader. I also want to ask them how do they make decisions right there and then

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Who Invented Karaoke

For those looking for a good time, karaoke is right up there with other popular pastimes such as bowling, billiards, and dancing. Yet it was only as recently as around the turn of the century that the concept started to catch on in the U.S. It was a somewhat similar situation in Japan, where the very first karaoke machine was introduced exactly 45 years ago. While the Japanese have customarily enjoyed entertaining dinner guests by singing songs, the notion of using a jukebox that simply played back background recordings, rather than a live band, seemed a bit odd. Not to mention that choosing a song was equivalent to the price of two meals, a tad pricey for most. The Invention of Karaoke Even the idea itself was born out of unusual circumstances. Japanese inventor Daisuke Inoue was working at coffeehouses as a backup musician when a client requested that he accompany him on a visit to see some business colleagues. â€Å"Daisuke, your keyboard playing is the only music that I can sing to! You know how my voice is and what it needs to sound good,† the client told him. Unfortunately, Daisuke couldn’t make the trip, so he did the next best thing and supplied the client with a custom recording of his performances to sing along to. It obviously worked out because when the client returned he asked for more cassettes. That’s when inspiration struck. He decided soon after to build a machine with a microphone, speaker and amplifier that played music people can sing along to. The Karaoke Machine Is Produced Inoue, along with his technologically savvy friends, initially assembled eleven 8 Juke machines, as they were originally called, and started renting them out to small drinking establishments in nearby Kobe to see if people would take to them. As I mentioned earlier, the systems were seen mostly as a novel alternative to live bands and appealed mainly to wealthy, affluent businessmen. That all changed after two club owners from the area bought the machines for venues that were opening locally. Demand shot up as word quickly spread, with orders coming all the way from Tokyo. Some businesses were even setting aside entire spaces so that customers can rent out private singing booths. Referred to as karaoke boxes, these establishments typically offered multiple rooms as well as a main karaoke bar. The Craze Spreads Through Asia By the ’90s, karaoke, which in Japanese means empty orchestra, would grow into a full-blown craze that was sweeping across Asia. During this time, there were several innovations such as improved sound technology and laser disc video players that allowed users to enrich the experience with visuals and lyrics that were displayed on screen -- all in the comfort of their own homes. As for Inoue, he didn’t make off as handsomely as many would have expected due to having committed the cardinal sin of not making the effort to patent his invention. Obviously this opened him up to rivals who would copy his idea, which cut into the company’s potential profits. Consequently, by the time laser disc players debuted, production of the 8 Juke was halted altogether. This despite having manufactured as many as 25,000 machines. But if you’re assuming he feels any remorse over the decision you’d be gravely mistaken. In an interview published in Topic Magazine and re-published online at The Appendix, an online â€Å"journal of experimental and narrative history, Inoue reasoned that patent protection would have likely hindered the evolution of the technology. Heres the excerpt: â€Å"When I made the first Juke 8s, a brother-in-law suggested I take out a patent. But at the time, I didn’t think anything would come of it. I was just hoping the drinking places in the Kobe area would use my machine, so I could live a comfortable life and still have something to do with music. Most people don’t believe me when I say this, but I don’t think karaoke would have grown like it did if there had been a patent on the first machine. Besides, I didn’t build the thing from scratch.† At the very least, though, Inoue has begun receiving recognition rightfully as the father of the karaoke machine, after his story was reported by Singaporean TV. And in 1999, the Asian edition of Time Magazine published a profile naming him as among The Most Influential Asians of the Century. He also went on to invent a cockroach-killing machine. He currently lives on a mountain in Kobe, Japan, with his wife, daughter, three grandchildren, and eight dogs.

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Themes in Shakespeares Othello Essay - 1155 Words

Othello was written by Jacobean playwright William Shakespeare in 1603. It proved a huge success when first performed in 1604, in front of a huge audience. The story is one of Shakespeare’s great tragedy themed plays. Othello is the black protagonist and highly esteemed Venetian general. Iago is the ambitious but scheming villain of the play. When Othello promotes a man called Michael Cassio over Iago, he is furious and launches a malicious campaign against Othello. Meanwhile, Othello has married a white woman, Desdemona, without her father knowing. Through Iago’s plotting, Othello suspects that his wife is having an affair and after many murders and plots, Othello smothers his wife. But he finds out the truth about Iago, and horrified at†¦show more content†¦He will take advantage of Othello and is using him for his own means. Shakespeare wrote this to foreshadow the future, creating tension, because the audience know there is dishonesty and deception to foll ow. This is supported by the quote: ‘in following him, I follow but myself’ ‘I am not who I am’. It y shows you that Iago does not wear his heart on his sleeve. The word ‘master’ sounds mocking, as if Iago is going to betray Othello so this creates tension. So the themes of hate and appearance vs. reality are introduced through Iago’s dialogue. Iago expresses his hate for Othello He says: ‘...I do hate him as I do hell pains’. The simile ‘hate’ explains how much Iago loathes Othello. He compared hatred to hell. The modern audience aren’t as affected by the reference to hell, but the Jacobean audience would feel the true extent of Iago’s hatred. The setting of act one also contributes to the hatred felt in the play. It is dark and there is a sense of mystery, creates a tense and dramatic atmosphere. Words such as: ‘despise’ ‘devil’ and ‘hell’ support this. The references to hell would have made the Jacobean audience weary. Iago’s evil soliloquy is full of hatred and revenge: ‘Hell and night must bring this monstrous birth to the worlds light’. The dark, evil images create a strong reaction in both audiences. ‘ the worlds light’ indicates scheming will start, doubt will surface. ‘...monstrous’ indicates the idea in Iago’s head is like aShow MoreRelatedThe Theme Of Evil In Shakespeares Othello2010 Words   |  9 PagesJust what is evil in Shakespeares play? Iagos will for revenge on Cassio, who has been promoted to a higher army rank than himself? Is Iago evil? Essentially, Iago could be described as the central trouble-making, ill-willed character of the play; he leads a lot of the characters into a state of confusion, convincing them to think poorly and wrong of other figures in Othello that are in fact innocent of their accused crimes. But does this make him an evil individual? Let us begin by definingRead More The Theme of Control in Shakespeares Othello Essay996 Words   |  4 Pages The Theme of Control in Othellonbsp;nbsp; nbsp; Throughout history, powerful empires with boundless control have had a tendency to fall victim to corruption. It is common knowledge, among political scientists and historians, that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. William Shakespeares Othello, the Moor of Venice (reprinted in Laurence Perrine and Thomas R. Arp, Literature: Structure, Sound, and Sense, 6th ed. [Fort Worth: Harcourt, 1993] 1060-1147) contains severalRead MoreTheme Of Monstrous Jealousy In William Shakespeares Othello1271 Words   |  6 PagesWilliam Shakespeare’s â€Å"Othello†, illustrates four of themes in the play. One of the themes is extreme jealousy can make a person act like a monster. In the play, Shakespeare uses Othello, Roderigo, and Iago to prove the theme of Monstrous Jealousy by Othello slapping Desdemona in front of the Public of Venusians calling her cruel names and Developing evil schemes to kill Desdemona at night. Iago tells the lie to Othello about Cassio and D esdemona to and convincing Othello to believe in it. RoderigoRead MoreShakespeares Portrayal of Themes of Deception and Jealousy in Othello642 Words   |  3 PagesShakespeares Portrayal of Themes of Deception and Jealousy in Othello The main characters in relation to jealousy in the play are Othello and Desdemona. Desdemona is the object of Othellos jealousy, which is planted in his mind by Iagos deception. This enhances Othellos position in the minds of the audience as the tragic hero, and deeply links these two themes. The very status of being the tragic hero in the minds of the audience enhances our sense of his deceptionRead MoreEssay on The Major Themes in William Shakespeares Othello934 Words   |  4 PagesThe Major Themes in William Shakespeares Othello Irony and double meaning are the basis and patterns of Othello, in which nothing is what it seems to be; white is black and generally the characters and themes have contradictory aspects. Irony is one of the characteristics of tragedy as the outcome, although inevitable, is unfair. In Act 1 scene 1, Shakespeare sets up the main themes of: jealousy, revenge, xenophobia and racism, love, outward appearance and inwardRead MoreThemes of Deception in William Shakespeares Othello Essay1758 Words   |  8 PagesThemes of Deception in William Shakespeares Othello Deception is one of the main themes running through Othello, along with love, pride and society. Indeed, it is deception that provides the fuel for the plot and deception that is leads to the classic downfall of the hero as is common in Shakespeare tragedies. We see Macbeth and Hamlet both succumb to downfall. perhaps the most obvious deception is Iagos deception. The principal method that Iago uses to convinceRead MoreThe Tragedy Of Othello By William Shakespeare757 Words   |  4 Pages The Tragedy of Othello by William Shakespeare William Shakespeare uses many literary devices to enhance and provide greater complexity in his works. More specifically, the theme, symbolism, and dramatic irony are used to enrich Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Othello. The plot is definitely engaging but the theme allows for an universal human correspondence, furthering the depth of the author’s message. The element of symbolism contributes to the theme of Shakespeare’s tragedy. Symbolism expressesRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s All The World s A Stage 1540 Words   |  7 Pagesthe World’s a Stage —and now his quote can be applied to his literature within his tragedies (William Shakespeare 1). The generation of people today have a much different definition of tragedies than people did during the Shakespearean times. Shakespeare’s tragedies involve a protagonist whose character is developed so that it is clear that he is a heroic figure in the setting of the play, but he has a flaw which lea ds to his downfall and accompanying tragic consequences. When we hear the word tragedyRead MoreThemes in Othello Essays994 Words   |  4 PagesThemes in Shakespeares Othello Throughout Shakespeares play, Othello, there are many themes interwoven to describe the authors perspective of the true nature of a mans soul. Three themes critical to the play are doubt versus trust, monstrous imagery and the fallible love of man. One central theme of the play is the major contrast of doubt versus trust. For whatever reason, Othellos trust of Desdemona is too weak to resist Iagos accusations. As happens in many of Shakespeares works, miscommunicationRead MoreOthello: Shakespeare vs. Parker Essay615 Words   |  3 PagesOthello: Shakespeare vs. Parker To create an adaptation of a literary work is not an easy task, especially if it is a classic work by man named Shakespeare. Today movies are expected to be packed with drama, action, and sex. True, Othello contains all of these, but it certainly isnt a blockbuster by todays standards. When Shakespeare wrote Othello, viewing the play was an event in itself, not an hour and a half thrill ride that todays viewer have come to expect. This was Parkers dilemma

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Opportunity Creativity Discovery-Free-Samples-Myassignmenthelp

Questions: 1.How the tools, Methods and Theories you have learned and applied in this unit could be relevant to this case study. 2.How do they apply? 3.Would they affect the outcome stated in the Case Study? 4.What were the Opportunities to Implement them? 5.How could they be applied in moving beyond the Case? 6.Provide a summary of your understanding of design-led innovation including design thinking and other Methodologies for Opportunity Discovery and Creativity. 7.Briefly reflect on your Initial Creativity Presentation. What can you observe about your approach to Creativity and Design now that you have completed this unit? How does this impact on you? Answers: 1.The design thinking industry has been extended beyond the common practice of including the design for and of hospitals, healthcare, government policies and organizations. The tools, theories and methods applied in this unit are relevant to the case study. Recent trends of utilizing the approach of design thinking are a crucial shift towards design for the complex projects as well as their environments. It is an approach of problem solving fundamental to the design practice, which emphasizes on the user, collaborative methods and visuals through an iterative, multidisciplinary and adaptive process. Recent design thinking draws examples from the highly complex and large scale practices of the organization. One could preserve the design thinking approach for a new context (Oppezzo and Schwartz 2014). 2.The principles of design are the objectives and overarching philosophies which are outlined as building a distributed understanding of the intent, taking the approach which is user centered, making an emerging design which is visible early, working collaboratively in terms of interdisciplinary, creating a logical blueprint for any changes and following a flexible yet disciplined process. The application of the methods, tools and theories is done to solve the highly complex situations. Organizations have adopted innovative methods of implementing the methods wherever accessible. Practitioners and scholars have turner to the design thinking for an innovative advantage, in this competitive environment of policy design and public service. The methodology of design thinking is rigid; however, with certain innovative measures it can be adaptive as well as fluid (Amadeu 2012). 3.The most crucial point of the creative decision analysis and making an innovative decision is achieving the desired outcome. The decision making quality can be only evaluated in the situation, when the ideas are creative and innovative. Firstly, the design development stages, blueprinting, intent and emphasizing on the idealistic and intangible design goals, which affects the outcome. Secondly, the facilitators of design take a passive role for getting the desired results. Thirdly, the design thinking emphasizes on the collaboration, which in turn encourages the co responsibility on the outcome of the design. The design thinking approach is not only gained as designers, rather it can be enabled through multidisciplinary collaboration via design methodology. Therefore, the design thinking helps in providing more innovative and modern solutions (Budge, Beale and Lynas 2013). 4.Design thinking is successful in the complex environments only if it is successfully implemented outside the system. The design systems, services and products must be integrated within the organizational tax system which exists. Effective implementation of the organizational design system relies on the integration. Strategic and systematic thinking requires full alignment with the design thinking, to gain a clear understanding of how to implement the design outcomes, in the existing organizational systems. Designing at the complexity levels is not only about handling the problems but also using an approach of unique and creative designing. Integration is regarding compromise and negotiation as it involves swapping between the competitive requirements of users experience and maintaining a consistency with recent revenue system (Burleson and Tripathi 2013). 5.They could be applied in moving beyond the case as designs are being evaluated before implementation. They are examined as well based on the meeting of original intent. This proves to be a crucial factor in the whole design process, as the whole intent serves as an important measure of evaluating the investment returns as well as adopting a design process. When the final outcome is user tested as well as approved, they are passed for implementation. Therefore, at this juncture the project passes from the designers hands to the business team. A review of post implementation is undertaken after all the designs are implemented. This method of reviewing post implementation is being conducted by the business department and usually doesnt involve core design department, who was responsible for designing the solution (Oppezzo and Schwartz 2014). 6.Design thinking helps in drawing imagination, systematic reasoning, intuition and logic for exploring the possibilities. It helps in creating the desired outcomes for the benefit of the end user or customer. A creative mind set is solution focused as well as action oriented. It includes both imagination and analysis. It is linked to the improved future as it seeks in generating new ideas, unlike the critical thinking which shatters them. It helps in providing information to the human centered innovation, as it begins by creating an understanding of the users or customers unsatisfied needs or desires. Design thinking is effective and efficient as it promotes a collaborative approach. It helps in bringing in people from various parts of the company together, because of their different knowledge, expertise, experiences and solves a problem (Designthinkingmovie 2017). The creative design thinking approach minimizes the uncertainty or risk of the innovative measures. It develops the collective thinking approach via series of frames in order to gain an understanding of the consumer desires or needs. Through engaging with the users or the customers actively, it helps in understanding the growing intimacy and uncovering the needs and requirements. Design thinkers totally rely on the customer insights which are gained from the real world experiments as well as directly engaging market research. On considering the case study of Apple, the company can use its strengths of creative designing in order to expand its network of distribution. The company can even use its strong brand image for the rapid processes of innovation. It can successfully launch and develop its new lines of products as it has strong brand recognition. Threats from aggressive competitors are the major issues, which affects the players of the industry. Therefore, a strong agenda must b e set up and suitable actions are to be taken in order to address the existing threats of the market. Continuous innovation and launching new products will also help the company to tackle the competitors. New marketing techniques must be employed in order to gain more consumers appreciation and attain their loyalty ( 2017). The company has an opportunity in expanding their networking unit of distribution. The company has a very limited network distribution; therefore, it should work and take the opportunity in consideration. It needs to change the entire strategy of distribution and implement new ones, which will in turn prove the companys efficiency and effectiveness. This will be very beneficial for the companys growth and progress. Expanded network distribution can help the company reach new customers in this globalised world. Moreover, they should also focus on the new lines of products, as its existing product lines are greatly successful. Hence, further innovation should include launching of new products, which in turn will help in supporting the growth and progress of the industry. The company has opportunities in this field for their further growth, despite of the increasing competition in the global market (Gielnik et al. 2012). Apples supply chain management has provided the company with flexibility for meeting the fluctuating demand, as ninety percent parts of Apples iphone were being manufactured overseas. Offshore outsourcing however, helped in reducing operation costs of Apple, but it decreased the companys control as well as monitoring over the manufacturing practices and processes. Due to the absence of monitoring, the work procedures of suppliers and employees were very difficult to look after. It also hampered the corporate social responsibilities of the company. With different stakeholders and expectations, it became difficult to manage the consumers demands and satisfaction. It also became hard to manage the buyer and supplier relationship which hampered the companys progress. Moreover, challenges arose when differences in the organizations procedures, questioned its objectives. Therefore, the company needs to set a perfect business agenda, in order to manage its supply chain management system (Ho we, Davies and Ritchie 2013). Apple can also take some major steps regarding its corporate social responsibility challenges, which are being faced in the companys supply chain. The company is even working on their issues in order to improve their working conditions and procedures. It is engaging more in monitoring and tracking activities, in order to keep a track on the offshore operations. To regain the control, the company is focusing more on bringing its manufacturing units back to United States. Furthermore, they are trying to stress on robotization and automation in future. They would like to engage in more CSR activities in order to improve their customer base and attain their loyalty (Jenkin et al. 2013). In order to succeed in harnessing the power of thinking regarding the creative design, one should try out new tools for design thinking. One needs to manage the projects growth itself. One is gathering huge amounts of information and deals with uncertainty and ambiguity, working with the internal as well as internal partners. With these new and innovative tools as well as data, any company can flourish. Effective and efficient implementation of the organizational design system relies on the integration. Strategic and systematic thinking requires full alignment with the design thinking, to gain a clear understanding of how to implement the design outcomes, in the existing organizational systems. Designing at the complexity levels is not only about handling the problems but also using an approach of unique and creative designing. Integration is regarding compromise and negotiation as it involves swapping between the competitive requirements or needs of users experience and maintaining a consistency with recent revenue system (Le Masson, Hatchuel and Wei 2012). Incorporating the design thinking methodologies into the search for the growth is a time consuming process and going to take some time and patience on the individuals part. Majority of the companies, however, well excited and intentioned about innovation, arent Google or PG. Any company will be able to change or innovate their strategies and policies if they have creative employees ( 2017). All sorts of hindrances will be probably thrown to the creative person who is responsible for finding new and modern growth opportunities. In addition to this, moving a project through any company is a big challenge and managers try to grow or innovate their new businesses by using creative design approach (Moneta 2012). 7.Design thinking is effective and efficient as it promotes a collaborative approach. It helps in bringing in people from various parts of the company together, because of their different knowledge, expertise, experiences and solves a problem. All these ingredients are combined together and help an organization come up with creative and innovative ways of solving a problem. Great and Innovative ideas helps in solving the organizational problems in unique ways. Great ideas are the combination of the existing ideas. Brainstorming is very powerful as it helps in bringing all the people together, with various experiences in order to merge all together (Oman et al. 2013). Subcultures flourish as because individuals are contributing their ideas, production and funding. This results in the resurgence of creativity, community and craftsmanship. There are many problems which cannot be solved. One may not find technologies for solving any particular problem, but it should be discovered very quickly. Therefore, the methodology of design thinking is not necessarily responsible for generating better and innovative ideas for the competitive methodologies. It is that these methodologies allow one to test the ideas very quickly on order to observe the creative designing approach of one self. If an individual is a good solver of problems, he/she can be regarded as creative (Page 2012). Creativity and designing is a powerful strategy or tool which is an impactful one. In my opinion, creating a strategy needs deciphering the patterns, presenting innovative solutions as well as insightful ideas. Creative designing is a very powerful tool for all organizations. When organizations bring in design thinking in the processes, the strategic insights are made in easier ways. The evolving of the whole strategy becomes faster and stronger, throughout the entire process. Developing strategies is not just hard, but the results can also be complex. Extracting it into digestible, simpler and impactful story becomes important and crucial. Creative designing is a particular way of emotionally and visually bringing in the strategic stories to life (Navarrete 2013). In addition to this, creative designing helps in making people view a clear narrative, which takes people on to a journey and also makes solutions seem expected in the end. It is a particular way of making and simplifying the whole strategies into more grounded and human. It is very easy for the strategies to go over the head of the people, especially when they are not a part of the journey. Organizations have this tendency of running into the road blocks as the audiences seem unable to grasp the strategies. This becomes a problem which needs to be sorted out. Therefore, creative designing helps in bringing in several innovative strategies to life and gain an impactful position in the business for its growth and progress (Shai et al. 2013). References Amadeu, F., 2012. Creativity and emerging knowledge: Intuitive practice in design and crafts.Trans-techresearch. net. Budge, K., Beale, C. and Lynas, E., 2013. A chaotic intervention: Creativity and peer learning in design education.International Journal of Art Design Education,32(2), pp.146-156. Burleson, W. and Tripathi, P., 2013. Mining Creativity Research to Inform Design Rationale in Open Source Communities. InCreativity and Rationale(pp. 353-376). Springer London. 2017.Designing for Growth - A Design Thinking Tool Kit for Managers | Columbia University Press. [online] Columbia University Press. Available at: [Accessed 30 Oct. 2017]. Designthinkingmovie 2017.Design Thinking - a documentary on design thinking. [online] Available at: [Accessed 30 Oct. 2017]. Gielnik, M.M., Frese, M., Graf, J.M. and Kampschulte, A., 2012. Creativity in the opportunity identification process and the moderating effect of diversity of information.Journal of Business Venturing,27(5), pp.559-576. Howe, A., Davies, D. and Ritchie, R., 2013.Primary design and technology for the future: Creativity, culture and citizenship. Routledge. Jenkin, T.A., Chan, Y.E., Skillicorn, D.B. and Rogers, K.W., 2013. Individual exploration, sensemaking, and innovation: A design for the discovery of novel information.Decision Sciences,44(6), pp.1021-1057. Le Masson, P., Hatchuel, A. and Wei, B., 2012. How design theories support creativityan historical perspective. InDS 73-1 Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Design Creativity Volume 1. Moneta, G.B., 2012. Opportunity for creativity in the job as a moderator of the relation between trait intrinsic motivation and flow in work.Motivation and Emotion,36(4), pp.491-503. Navarrete, C.C., 2013. Creative thinking in digital game design and development: A case study.Computers Education,69, pp.320-331. Oman, S.K., Tumer, I.Y., Wood, K. and Seepersad, C., 2013. A comparison of creativity and innovation metrics and sample validation through in-class design projects.Research in Engineering Design,24(1), pp.65-92. Oppezzo, M. and Schwartz, D.L., 2014. Give your ideas some legs: The positive effect of walking on creative thinking.Journal of experimental psychology: learning, memory, and cognition,40(4), p.1142. Page, T., 2012. A shared place of discovery and creativity: Practices of contemporary art and design pedagogy.International Journal of Art Design Education,31(1), pp.67-77. Shai, O., Reich, Y., Hatchuel, A. and Subrahmanian, E., 2013. Creativity and scientific discovery with infused design and its analysis with CK theory.Research in Engineering Design,24(2), pp.201-214. 2017."A New Approach to Design Thinking" - Doug Powell. [online] YouTube. Available at: [Accessed 30 Oct. 2017].